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Audiology Awareness Day

January 12, 2011 - Hartford
We had a successful Audiology Awareness Day at Capital Hill in Hartford January 12th.
Denise Monte, Nancy Bruno, Stephanie Woodruff, and Cathee Alex, set up display tables and posters. They greeted all who passed thru the main concourse, assisted those who stopped with the interactive websites we had up, and answered questions.
CTAA educational bookmarks, AAA "What is an Audiologist?" pamphlets, pens and chocolate ears were provided. All in all a few hundred folks were introduced to who we are and what we do that day....and left with a smile holding their chocolate ears!

What a great opportunity to profile Audiology!

CTAA Bookmarks and Chocolate Ears were a hit!
Nancy Bruno (VP Governmental Affairs) assists visitor with interactive website
Stephanie Woodruff (VP CT Student Audiology Association) shows enthusiasm for Audiology!

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